We are the nationwide training program and registry solely for service dogs, their owners, and trainers.
This is where the PSDA comes in. We know that a service dog can make an immense difference in a persons quality of life.
Your nationwide place for everything involving psychiatric, neurological, mobility, and medical alert service dogs and service dog training, including:

Our mission statement

The PSD Academy & Registry teaches trainers and individuals how to properly and effectively task train service dogs. We intend to provide individuals that would benefit from a service dog the necessary help and resources to have a well trained service dog. Our goal is to produce the highest quality service dog trainers and service dogs. We also strive to raise awareness about the need and effectiveness of psychiatric service dogs and the difference between psychiatric service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support dogs. Not all disabilities are visible but they are equally as important as the ones that are. Not only are we a training resource for trainers, training companies, non-profit service dog groups, and individuals, but we also act as a support system that is here to serve you and your service dog needs.

We teach dog trainers how to train psychiatric, mobility, and neurological service dog tasks for those individuals that are in need of a service dog. All dogs that we register have been trained by their owner and an experienced Psychiatric Service Dog Registry trainer. We ensure that each dog has been fully trained to perform legitimate service tasks for the specific individual needing the service dog. On top of being service task trained, each dog must pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test above the minimum qualifications, PSD Academy & Registry's advanced obedience, as well as the Public Access Test. We train all our clients dogs in their service tasks, AKC CGC, advanced obedience, and public access.

Why is this needed?

Keep in mind that A CERTIFICATION IS NOT REQUIRED to have a service dog. Any organization or company that tells you that your dog needs to be "registered" or "certified" is misleading you. With that being said, it is necessary for the individual to have a legitimate disability and for the dog to be service task trained. An emotional support dog does not qualify as a psychiatric service dog. An emotional support dog is a dog that does not perform tasks specific to their owners disability but instead provides emotional support simply by being with their owner. We understand that simply having a dog with you can be comforting; however, the ADA Laws regarding service animals must be followed.

A certification with PSD Academy first and foremost provides training. We teach individuals with previous dog training experience about psychiatric conditions and their symptoms, service dog specific obedience, psychiatric service dog tasks, and how to assist their owners with their training needs. There are many dog trainers all over the country. However, there are very few dog trainers that are knowledgeable and/or experienced in psychiatric conditions and psychiatric service dog tasks. In relation to seeing eye dogs and other types of service dogs, psychiatric service dogs are still very new but steadily becoming more well known. We have been training dogs in psychiatric service tasks and teaching their owners how to task train for 10 years, and for many psychiatric conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder, bi-polar disorder, autism, etc. However, not until recently were psychiatric service dogs recognized as service dogs. This has been such a wonderful breakthrough in the mental health field.

We have a true understanding of the symptoms that come with these conditions as many of the conditions have been a part of our entire personal and professional lives. Our personal and professional experiences are why we have been so successful with the people that we have helped. We plan to pass along that understanding as well as the knowledge required to be successful in training a psychiatric service dog.

It is highly recommended that each individual train their own service dog with the assistance of a professional trainer that is knowledgeable in psychiatric service dogs. No one can identically simulate your psychiatric symptoms as they are unique to each individual. For example, if three people suffer from nightmares due to PTSD, all three people may behave differently during their nightmares. One dog may need to react to thrashing, the next to shaking, and the last to screaming. That is something you want to keep in mind when considering where to start in your journey to psychiatric service dog ownership. The purpose of a professional trainer is to help you achieve you training goals efficiently and successfully. Upon completion of your and your dog's training program we provide you with ID cards, not because they are necessary, but because many people like to have them. If you request, your dog's picture and PSD Registry ID number will be posted on the "registered dogs" page. We do not release anyone's personal information as you can see if you visit the "registered dog's" page. We are always available for questions, troubleshooting, continued education, and anything else you or your service dog need. Just because your dog's training is complete does not mean that your support is. The PSD Academy backs all of our trainers and provides an open line of communication between you, your trainer, and us directly.

Through the PSD Academy, you can begin you journey in training your psychiatric service dog or learn to be a successful psychiatric service dog trainer today. We will help you step-by-step with your needs and goals. If you are a trainer that wants to learn to train psychiatric service dogs, please visit the "service dog college" page. If you are in need of locating a psychiatric service dog trainer in your area, please visit the "find a trainer" page.